bathing in the river  

performing purification by wild rue  



Mugat home exterior  





camping for seasonal job  


camping for seasonal job  












Mugat home interior  





Bakshi ( epic story teller)  

cotton picking  








wedding celebration  











Mugat antique dealer  

afternoon prayer  


rooster fight  





Mugat home interior  



musicians on the train  



feast for circumcision ceremony  

before circumcision  




rice cooking  






newly weds  




bottle collection  

bottle collection  

bottle collection  


almstaking in Chorsu bazaar  





playing a game  

pink water-wool dying   


delivery to bazaar  


waiting for a customer  







soccer team  




unibrow makeup  









over 90 years old  

hero and medallions  









saying goodbye to father  



bread making  




quail fight  



dog fight  







sallabandon ceremony  

"sallabandon" ceremony  








fire ceremony  

beauty marks